VoIP stands to save your business money

VoIP stands to save your business money

An effective method of communication is vital in many lines of work, and a host of companies opt to include a phone system into their overall infrastructure.

The costs of establishing and running such a service is not always cheap, but voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is capable of delivering a low-cost solution.

According to VoIP Review, any company that already has a high-speed internet connection can easily setup a VoIP connection, and cost savings are not the only benefit to be had from its implementation.

For instance, a VoIP solution can be applied to an office's PBX, which connects all internal and external calls to the appropriate extension lines.

Companies can then make a decision as to whether such a system remains in-house, or is hosted off-site by a VoIP business provider.  

All PBXs use wireless technology, whether they are hosted internally or not, meaning that office calls can also be rerouted to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or laptop computer.

Such a feature means that remote working becomes much easier for companies to encourage, allowing for more flexibility, while also saving on costs associated with working within an office environment.  

The opportunity to cut the cost of utility bills and office space makes this a great option for any small business that is just starting up. The effects will not only be noticed in financial terms, but could also help to create a happier workforce too.

A recent survey from the office space firm Regus suggested that employees are 84 per cent more likely to remain loyal to a company that allows them a greater level of flexibility in terms of work.

Above all though, it is important to remember that VoIP is fundamentally business-friendly, with many plans featuring caller ID, call forwarding, and conference calling.

One feature that VoIP Review claims to be particularly popular is the voicemail to email feature, which allows an answerphone message to be sent to an employee's email address. This means that workers never need to worry about missing an important phone call ever again.