VoIP services allow global business expansion

VoIP services allow global business expansion

The host of benefits associated with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services is leading more and more businesses to take up the technology.

Growth is expected to continue as implementing the service can help an organisation expand to become a global firm.
Tom Dobson, business sales manager EMEA at Telappliant, said that the scalability and flexibility of VoIP can help businesses.

The service can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of a specific business and adding users is also a painless procedure.

"So, rather than having to fork out potentially a hundred quid an hour for an engineer to come out and configure an extension for you, it is very simple," he added.

With internet connectivity improving all over the world VoIP can be used in many locations, meaning that firms can easily expand around the globe.

"That whole flexibility and global appeal that you get with VoIP – that you can't get with traditional telephony – is more and more appealing these days," Mr Dobson concluded.