VoIP security improving

VoIP security improving

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is growing in importance within the world of business as brands look to make use of the productivity and efficiency gains the technology can offer.

As workers begin to use their smartphones and tablets for work-related purposes, VoIP is being used more frequently, however some companies have put off embracing the technology, citing security issues and concerns.

This is an area that many providers have been working on, and with great success, ensuring that the solutions they offer are as secure as they can be and are not the reasons behind any security breaches.

Protecting sensitive information that may be discussed during VoIP calls was a major aim of providers all over the world and many have come up with a solution for the problem, which should prevent it in the first place.

VoIP providers can encrypt the voice data of subscribers to prevent hackers from listening in on calls, so even if somebody manages to access the service they will be unable to decipher any other information, which protects the business using VoIP from any embarrassment.

According to VoIP Review, another area that providers have been working on is preventing would-be hackers from exploiting the service.

There are monitoring services in place which keep an eye out for anything that appears out of the ordinary when it comes to usage. If figures are well above what they should be then they will alert the business and also run checks to see it the technology is being hijacked by others.

This constant monitoring means that action can be taken before a company is hit with a huge bill for their internet usage.

Providers often allow those businesses keen to make use of increased productivity and efficiency provided by VoIP to set up passwords for their VoIP phones. This prevents unauthorised users from accessing the device.

If your VoIP provider offers the opportunity to add the extra security of a password, it is important to take it. You may think that a hack will not happen to you, but it is much better to be safe than sorry, so add the extra layer of security and make sure your VoIP service is used by only authorised individuals.