VoIP providing alternative to landlines

VoIP providing alternative to landlines

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is providing a serious alternative to traditional landlines in the business world.

Organisations are continuing to look for new ways of driving efficiency and productivity, which VoIP has the capability to do, thanks to its flexibility and scalability.

It provides the option of making cheap calls to the continent and around the world, helping firms slash their costs while remaining at the cutting edge of the technology market.

Writing for Forbes, Kate Harrison said that VoIP is now the main alternative to the traditional landline.

She quoted figures from the Associated Press that suggested there has been a 55 per cent decline in landline phone sales in New York in the last ten years, with some experts even predicting they will be redundant by 2025.

Ms Harrison added that many people in the industry believe that VoIP solutions will continue to grow as businesses look to boost their bottom line in tough economic circumstances.