VoIP provides ‘flexibility, freedom and efficiency’

VoIP provides ‘flexibility, freedom and efficiency’

Many businesses in the UK are currently looking to save money in tough economic times, which has led firms to turn to voice-over internet protocol (VoIP).

The cost savings are appealing to many companies, but there are a host of other plus points associated with the running of the technology which businesses can take advantage of.

Ardala Evans, writing for KTAR, revealed a host of positives companies can take from implementing VoIP within their organisation.

She noted that VoIP is incredibly user-friendly and is very easy to install and run.

It can also be utilised in conjunction with a host of other equipment and tools that are already in place within the business, without the need to disturb their performance, meaning organizations an continue to operate as normal.

Another advantage of VoIP is the freedom it can offer business users, as anyone with access to the internet can utilise the technology, as well as video conferencing and email functions.

With smartphones and tablets playing an ever-increasing role in the workplace and more and more people using the devices for work-related purposes, keeping in touch with employees is absolutely crucial and the IP-based solution ensures this is the case.
Ms Evans went on to note that there is an "impressive range" of features available with VoIP phones and these can be utilised to the benefit of a firm. Efficiency is a major concern for many businesses at the moment and VoIP can have a major impact in this area.

Using VoIP can cut down on the amount of time wasted, as well as improving the performance of a company.

The rise to prominence of VoIP has sparked a chance for organisations to make a move away from traditional telephone lines, replacing them with a cheaper option. It can also be scaled up or down depending on the needs of the businesses.

Some options can include three-way calling, caller ID, voicemail, automatic call forwarding auto-redial, online faxing, automatic emailing of voicemails to an email account and virtual receptionist greetings.