VoIP poised for next wave of growth

VoIP poised for next wave of growth

The rise of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has caused it to become a vital communications tool, showing an impressive level of growth since the early days, where it was often having to contend with low-quality, clunky connections.

This has partly been driven by the increased demand among consumers, many of whom are regularly using services such as Skype, which have helped people around the world stay connected.

In a recent quarterly earnings call, Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg said the site's Messenger service now accounted for ten per cent of all VoIP calls.

Yet it seems growth could now be inspired by commercial users too.

In an article for eCommerce, expert Jeff Kagan said he believes it is possible to predict the future of the VoIP market by looking at other areas of the industry.

He claims: "To predict the future of VoIP, look at the ISP business. In the 1990s, small companies started at kitchen tables grew in size and importance to become Internet service providers. In the early days, AOL, Prodigy, MindSpring and EarthLink led the way into this new industry.

"They were the first companies in the ISP space and saw strong growth for a while. Then the telephone companies and cable television companies got into the same business and basically cut the legs out from under that new sector. The model changed. New leaders took over."

He added the increasing use of smartphones means the traditional consumer audience for VoIP may start to erode, but the benefits to businesses means it is unlikely to see any stifled growth any time soon.