VoIP offers a host of business benefits

VoIP offers a host of business benefits

Businesses all over the world are keen to cut down costs and improve productivity and efficiency.

One piece of technology that many are turning to is voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and a study conducted by The New Wave in South Africa has indicated just how the solution can help companies.

The addition of VoIP to a company's working procedure is just like any other and a business can continue to use the same numbers they have, as the majority of providers offer number porting.

IP telephony also provides a cheap way for companies to communicate internally. With so many members of staff now working away from the office it is important to create clear lines when it comes to keeping in touch, collaborating and getting updates.

VoIP solutions cut costs dramatically and put an end to businesses paying the more expensive rates to traditional telephone operators, as well as the cost of calls.

This makes it much more cost-effective for companies as they grow and expand into new markets abroad, providing an easy and cheap way of keeping in touch with staff around the world.

VoIP is also ideal for smaller businesses that may be operating from a home in the early days of their existence, as it can reduce bills, but crucially give them access to mobile technology, which has the potential to significantly improve connectivity, making a small outfit seem like an established force within the sector.

One of the major drivers of the recent rise of VoIP has been the improved quality of internet connections. This was highlighted in the South African study, but is also the case in the UK, as companies are comfortable that their businesses connections can handle calls easily and without interruption.

The improvement in communication skills will not only lead to more efficiency within a business' working practices, but it helps to create a more tech-savvy environment, which can lead to a greater potential for more savings and measures that boost a company, such as BYOD and cloud technologies, both of which can improve an organisation in the long-term.