VoIP can change landscapes for small businesses

VoIP can change landscapes for small businesses

Small businesses in the UK are now able to access a host of benefits provided by modern technologies, particularly in the area of communications.

Improving this aspect of a firm is vital for boosting efficiency and productivity, but in the past it has been difficult and expensive to promote collaboration and teamwork between staff who work in different buildings or even different parts of the county.

However, the growth and development of voice-over internet protocol (VoIP), has changed the landscape for businesses.

Leiden Johnson of Business2Community.com feels that the technology could be just what small firms need to get their communications systems right from the very beginning of their venture.

"VoIP technology is a game changer for the telecom industry, and the many businesses who rely on phones for communication," Mr Johnson wrote.

"To really understand VoIP, it is similar to a system that can convert your voice, and your data, to digital formats that can be transferred to another user using the Internet, not through the underground copper wires traditionally used by phone companies."

He went on to point out that the technology is a cheaper and more flexible alternative to traditional phonelines, before pointing out the benefits of scalability, which allows companies to increase or reduce their requirements as needed.

This is particularly beneficial if a business opens new premises as services can be up and running in no time. The Inclarity solution provided by Arrow can expand or contract to accommodate specific projects, marketing campaigns or seasonal fluctuations, with new features and sites easily added on a flexible contract basis.

"Through a reputable provider, anyone can make long distance calls, both national and international, using the internet. This VoIP service allows businesses, even small ones, to send an internet fax, have a virtual PBX system, or even have free 800 numbers," he added.

Some VoIP offerings can now also add contacts and details of people from social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, which of course means that businesses can keep in touch with clients and suppliers much easier than ever before.