VoIP can ‘boost teamwork’

VoIP can ‘boost teamwork’

The appeal of VOIP is "across the board" and can benefit the majority of office-based businesses, one expert has claimed.

Martyn Davies, Telecom Consultant at Weird Crater, said that the future is bright for the technology as more and more firms are looking to take advantage of the benefits it offers.

He explained that VoIP-enabled PBXs allow improved collaboration with a range of additional tools, which can provide instant messaging and video that can all aid team working and reduce the need for businesses to pay for employees to travel.

"The next big shift will be to mobile. Today, mobile handsets use traditional circuit switching, but mobility apps are starting to arrive on smartphones and ultimately LTE (long term evolution) will make all mobile calls into VoIP ones," he added.

Andy Abramson, author of VoIPWatch, highlighted a range of other benefits of the technology, including the fact that there is little need for the IT or telecom manager to do as much as they used to, improving efficiency.