VoIP aids flexible and healthy working

VoIP aids flexible and healthy working

Business can take some of the stress and strain off employees who are working all hours of the day by implementing VoIP services.

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the business environment is a trend that cannot be ignored and in some cases it is leading employees to work 24/7.

However, firms should be viewing the growth as an opportunity to give staff more freedom through VoIP services.

Rasheed Ogunlaru, a life coach and speaker at rasaru.com, said: "Shrewd employers realise you need a happy, healthy workforce. Perhaps you can look at more flexible shifts or working patterns, which provide the same cover, but without overly-stretching your staff."

As well as boosting the flexibility and health of employees who are tempted to work after hours, the technology also provides huge cost savings.

Implementing VoIP immediately cuts down on traditional landline costs and immediately boost business continuity and disaster recovery as organisations can function as normal in a crisis.