Video conferencing set to be preferred communication technology for HRs by 2016

Video conferencing set to be preferred communication technology for HRs by 2016

HR executives using video conferencing to communicate at work claim it could be more popular than email within three years.

In a recent survey by Redshift Research, 56 per cent of HR executives indicated that video conferencing will soon become the main method of business communication, overtaking email and traditional voice conference calls, which were cited by 49 and 32 per cent of respondents respectively.

One of the main drivers of the popularity of video conferencing appears to be an awareness on the part of HR executives of the advantages that such technology carries.

For instance, around 98 per cent of those surveyed claimed that they believe video conferencing takes away any potential distance barriers and improves productivity levels between teams in different cities and countries.

Mollie Lombardi, vice president and principal analyst of human capital management at Aberdeen Group, said: "Advancements in technology and telecommunications are allowing organisations large and small to operate seamlessly from anywhere.

"HR leaders require a new understanding of how technology can help them bridge geographical boundaries and rethink their talent strategies to take full advantage of a broader talent pool."

The ability to operate from anywhere offers a huge advantage in terms of recruitment, as it allows interviewers to see potential candidates without the need to pay for travel costs.

This means that companies can save money in their recruitment, without harming their ability to evaluate a candidate in detail.

And the benefits don't end at recruitment, as it can also give many companies the chance to offer flexible working to their employees, enhancing productivity, morale and the retention of staff.

There are advantages in terms of training too. Sessions can be recorded and made accessible to workers, ensuring they never again have to lose track of any relevant information, meaning that efficiency is heightened.