Video conferencing makes its way into more businesses

Video conferencing makes its way into more businesses

Video conferencing is on the rise within businesses due to the improvement of infrastructure around the UK and the world.

The technology has come a long way from the early days when video signals traveled through ISDN networks and were slow and unreliable.

Nowadays, high-end installations are the norm for businesses, with some even dedicating specific rooms to the undertaking of video meetings and interviews.

The growth of the personal tablet and smartphone within the business landscape is also a major contributor to the increase of video conferencing. The technology is now available on a whole host of handheld devices and with more and more employees working away from the office, it is becoming crucial for businesses.

Speaking to BizTech, industry consultant JD Vaughn said that the demand for video conferencing tools is being driven by the fact it offers "higher rates of productivity, cutting costs and driving revenue".

"We're all looking at ways of doing more with less," the expert added.

One of the major trends noted by the magazine was the move towards video applications that are hosted in the cloud, which has been brought about by the overall move to the flexible and scalable solution, that has the potential to boost productivity and efficiency in the UK and around the world.

As with many new elements taking hold, there is a bring your own element, and video conferencing is no different. The rise of BYOD means that more people are accessing these video apps from their personal mobile devices.

These tools enable workers to connect to corporate networks with full functionality through their smartphone or tablet, making the technology perfect for video, communication, collaboration and ultimately improved working conditions and practices.

While embracing video technology within a business is a big move, companies can rest assured that it takes hardly any IT expertise to get set up and launch costs are very low.

It was recently noted by Infonetics Research that the video conferencing industry is set to continue steady growth until 2017.