Video conferencing demand set for further increases

Video conferencing demand set for further increases

Around three quarters of organisations are keen to address their unified communications-related worries by introducing mobile video conferencing, new figures have suggested.

Another 75 per cent of organisations are keen to implement video-conferencing with a unified communication platform, which also includes aspects such as social media, instant messaging, and email.

The global study by Wainhouse Research did, however, find that six in ten would struggle to reap the benefits as they are too concerned with getting to grips with both the number and type of options available.

Wayne Mason, event director and head of group products and marketing at Imago Group, said: "The world of business is changing. Organisations of all sizes, sectors and locations find themselves having to deal with an increasingly flexible, mobile and geographically dispersed workforce that needs and wants to collaborate and belong."

He added that although many firms are already convinced of the benefits that video conferencing can bring, whether it be in-house or on the move, there is evidence to suggest that many clearly do not know where to start.

Experts hope that the creation of the Business Breakthrough Event, which is to take place on May 29th at the The Brewery in London, will help make the decision easier for organisations.

A whole host of vendors will be present, alongside many end users, such as Thomson Reuters and Neopost.

Companies that already use such solutions in their everyday business activities will be able to offer their advice on the best ways of going about such a strategy.

And there will also be a chance to gain an insight into the rapid pace of the industry by casting an eye over some of the very latest pieces of technology available on the market.

Given the current popularity of video conferencing, the Business Breakthrough event is sure to be hugely popular with vendors and end-users alike.