Video conferencing becoming more accessible for businesses

Video conferencing becoming more accessible for businesses

Video conferencing looks set to become more popular than ever in 2013 as firms look to take advantage of the benefits it can provide, bringing staff and their opinions together whether they work in the office or not.

A clear indication of how the technology is set to dominate the business landscape this year is the rise in the number of companies looking for project managers who have experience in the area.

US recruitment firm J Patrick & Associates Inc has revealed that there has been a significant rise in placements for people skilled in audio visual, collaboration and video-conferencing hardware.

Dan Sullivan, executive recruiter at the firm, estimates that there has been a 15 per cent rise in the past 12 months.

"I've been doing this job for 25 years. Over the years, I've found that the 'canary in the coal mine' that lets you know what’s going on in the job market is project managers," he said.

"When project managers are in demand and hard to find, something is going on. And project managers are definitely in demand in this area."

The company belies the trend will grow even further when as technology is continuing to improve and the way of communicating is becoming more common and accepted by members of staff.

It can already been used on smartphones and game consoles, but now decreasing costs of the internet mean that many firms will be deploying it more often, particularly as it is easy to setup as it is browser-based.

Brewing company Heineken recently announced it had been able to slash its costs in the UK by £250,000 thanks to video conferencing, by cutting down the travelling of staff between its various offices.

Arrow Business Communications has partnered with LifeSize to allow companies the opportunity to experience the latest in video communications with high definition.

LifeSize delivers the ultimate telepresence experience, rivalled only by meeting in person and businesses are invited to attend a demonstration of the technology at the Room In Action event at The Gherkin Building in London on the 13th February at 13:30.