Video conferencing a real possibility for SMEs

Video conferencing a real possibility for SMEs

Advances in technology are providing a whole range of new working practices for businesses, with many providing new ways of communicating that increases efficiency and productivity.

One of these is video conferencing, which has seen a rise in popularity in recent months and looks set to continue forming a key element for small businesses in the coming years.

The technology has become a real possibility for small businesses now, due to the rise in availability of dedicated products and services, as well as the improved reach and reliability of super fast broadband.

Video conferencing has a host of benefits on top of improved communications, with a reduction in travel costs a major factor bring about increased uptake of the technology.

With video conferencing in place, it takes last-minute travel out of the equation for businesses. Impromptu meetings that need to take place can be done virtually, rather than sending representatives the length or breadth of the UK, or even abroad.

This cuts down costs dramatically, reducing the expenses paid to employees and ultimately aids better customer service, as a "face-to-face" meeting can take place at a moment's notice.

Not only does it help with clients and business outside of the company, it can lead to greater collaboration and communication within the workplace. Permanent flexible workers can be easily reached and take part in meetings, that previously they would have had to travel for or just got the notes afterwards.

All in all, the addition of video conferencing to a business will boost productivity and efficiency dramatically and cut down travel expenses, making it ideal for small businesses looking to make ends meet and boost their profits.

The cost-effective, reliable, high speed and high-quality voice, video and data transmission now available to businesses means that they can truly get the most out of video conferencing.

With the bring your own device (BYOD) continuing at a pace, the combination of flexible working and video conferencing can help a company make huge savings and become a lot more productive.