Unisys announces partnership with Mitel

Unisys announces partnership with Mitel (Thinkstock/iStock)

Unisys has announced that it is to team up with leading business communications firm Mitel in a bid to enhance the protection of critical communications for some 60 million enterprise customers.

The move will see Unisys offer its Unisys Stealth platform, while also providing a number of new offerings for Mitel's mobile and enterprise customers.

It means Mitel will soon be able to offer highly differentiated solutions for securing sensitive environments and applications.

That service can subsequently be extended in order to secure mobile access to other cloud enterprise applications.

In an age where mobile working is becoming increasingly more common, both firms have seemingly recognised the need to secure mobile access to the cloud, particularly in light of the various data breaches that have hit the headlines in recent years.

Unisys Stealth works by handing the control of accessing enterprise networks back to businesses, doing so by basing connections on the identities of the user.

It lessens the likelihood of a data attack by making sensitive information invisible and applications invisible to all unauthorised users.

Traffic is encrypted between all Stealth-protected endpoints, meaning that even if one small part is infiltrated by a hacker, they will not be able to move across to other parts of the enterprise environment or infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Mitel has managed to seamlessly integrate the Unisys Stealth capabilities onto the mobile communications services offered by Mitel.

As a result, Mitel clients will be able to access a host of public networks by way of a secure and encrypted connection.

By combining the perceived strength of Unisys Stealth's identity-driven segmentation and encryption and Mitel's communications leadership, the partnership aims to enable businesses to control their access to critical systems and data based purely on users' identities.

Tom Patterson, Chief Trust Officer for Unisys, said: "With this new offering, Unisys Stealth(mobile) is now available to Mitel clients all over the world.

"These new capabilities will deliver the benefits of advanced encryption as well as identity-driven segmentation techniques to minimise the damage that can result from even a successful attack."

Terry McCabe, Chief Technology Officer, Mitel Mobile Division, added: "The growth of mobile bring your own device (BYOD) and increase in the use of Wi-Fi for business communications pose challenges as businesses evolve to meet the demands of mobile workers and consumers.

"Together, Mitel and Unisys have created the MiStealth solution to give our clients a new and more advanced security solution in a world of rapidly evolving threats."