Top VoIP mistakes

Top VoIP mistakes

There is little doubt that the use of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has become one of the most prominent trends within many businesses today. However, companies switching to a network-based system should always be aware that there are a number of pitfalls that will often see any shortcomings in preparation roundly punished.


It doesn't matter if your computer system appears to be in the best shape ever, the use of VoIP will uncover even the smallest shortcoming.

This happens by way of the increased traffic through a company's network, which can then be placed under a greater amount of strain. To put this into context PC Pro recently found that companies making hundreds of phone calls a week were putting their small and converged LAN under 175 GB of data each month.

It is therefore vital that you test your network in order to establish its capabilities and limitations.

Choosing the wrong router

Too many companies still have the belief that when implementing a VoIP system they can simply use any sort of router within their system. However, the use of the wrong equipment can place an undue amount of stress on the system, increasing the chances of failure.

DrayTek’s Julian Hubble told PC Pro: “A business-class router with a feature called Quality of Service (QoS) will give all VoIP calls the right level of priority to help ensure other users don’t affect the smooth running of the VoIP service."

Misunderstanding the technology

It is very easy for company leaders to read up on VoIP and get carried away about the supposed benefits without actually having taken the time to really get to grips with the technology.

As a result, too many people assume that they know what they are doing when it comes to implementing VoIP, without paying due regard to its workings.

Without a thorough understanding of the underlying principles behind such a system, it is near-impossible to really have a good idea as to what the associated pitfalls might be.

Buying the first thing you see

By not gathering enough information about the technology, there is a great danger of businesses simply signing up to the first service or product they come across.

However, not every VoIP system is suited to the needs of all businesses, meaning that further problems could be created if firms deploy the wrong system.

It is therefore important for firms to do their research in order to establish if a particular solution is right for their needs and is available at the right price.