Top telephone system safety tips

Top telephone system safety tips

Telstra Business has warned over one million of its customers in Australia to increase the security of their telephone systems following a growth in the number of hacking cases.

Darren Kane, the firm's corporate security and investigation director, said voicemail systems and Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) units were the most common targets.

In a bid to reduce the risk of hackers attacking their firm, businesses in the UK can implement a number of simple security measures.

Conducting regular security audits of voicemail, telephone and PABX systems is crucial, as well as disabling features that are no longer required.

Checking inbound and outbound call records is also prudent, particularly those to unusual destinations, as hackers can rack up huge bills through infiltrating a telephone system.

Finally, securing your telephone system with a PIN is vital and ensuring the codes are not easily guessed or written down by workers is of utmost importance.

Creating clear and concise telephone security policies can boost your security, as in many cases staff are unaware of the dangers of an insecure telephone system.