Top advantages of outsourcing IT Services

Top advantages of outsourcing IT Services

In the days of the technology becoming increasingly important to businesses across various different sectors, finding the right solution for you IT infrastructure has never been more vital. The right approach can offer a host of benefits to the way in which your organisation operates, including enhancing productivity and reducing costs.

However, the wrong approach can cause your business to fall behind its competitors.

One popular option that is being adopted by many firms is the decision to outsource IT services. Figures from research and advisory company Gartner recently suggested that the global spending on IT outsourcing was predicted at around $287 billion (£173.88 billion), and that number could soon increase further due to the rising adoption of cloud computing systems.

One of the key reasons for outsourcing IT services is the fact that it can produce substantial cost savings. This is mainly due to the fact that many companies offering external IT services often do so at a cheaper price, as they can easily review current technologies and processes, which means they can offer the most efficient service possible.

However, a recent report  by MITSloan suggests that many organisations could be reluctant to outsource their IT services due to the perceived high costs in doing so. Yet figures show that many companies stand to make a good return on their investment, with figures suggesting that despite a $96.14 million increase in the amount being spent on outsourcing, the overall amount being spent in operating costs for services fell by $121.14 million.

It's not just saving money though that is seen as an important advantage of outsourcing IT services, as there is also a chance to gain access to a much wider array of knowledge and expertise, meaning that you can easily expand your infrastructure or make it more efficient.

However, MITSloan's report suggests that this does not mean you necessarily have to sacrifice investment within your internal IT investment, particularly when it comes to staff as many experts believe that outsourcing services is made all the more efficient when combined with an effective internal workforce as it  can free up valuable resources and allow them to be relocated.