The Children’s Society Case Study


A smart call-routing solution from Arrow helps The Children’s Society make the most of its precious resources.

Cost savings that really do make a difference

For many businesses, managing costs is a central factor in ensuring sustainable profitability. For The Children’s Society, cost control is mission critical in achieving maximum efficiency.  The UK charity concentrates every possible resource on tackling the root causes of the problems children and young people face such as bullying, homelessness and crime, particularly in deprived communities.  Building on previous mobile and web-billing initiatives with Arrow, the Society wanted to identify any further cost savings that could be made through its fixed-line system.  Arrow carried out a full audit of the Society’s existing phone lines and services which resulted in a phased transfer of service for 400 lines across 100 sites.

The implementation took just two months and was achieved without any change to phone numbers, lines, equipment or hardware.  Phone usages policies provided by Arrow identify the most cost effective way of using additional services such as directory enquiries and the web-based billing reduces the flow of paper and provides instant access to invoice information.  “It is essential that we stretch every penny as far as it will go. We rely on Arrow to guide us and keep us informed on new cost cutting approaches”, says Terry Leahy, Assistant Director, Facilities and Procurement.  “Arrow’s solution was painless, efficient, and effective, with savings totalling £10,000 per annum for the charity. You just can’t underestimate the benefits of good advice and project management.”

The Challenge

The transfer of lines needed to be completed without causing any disruption to existing phone lines and essential services, and the solution had to deliver timely, accurate and fully-costed, project-coded invoices.

Call routing efficiencies achieved at every site

A comprehensive audit of the charity’s 400 lines, spread around 100 sites across the UK, gave Arrow the information it needed to assess the existing assets and processes, and identify areas that could benefit from a new approach. Subsequently, a mix of Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) and Indirect Access (IDA) solutions were recommended and implemented by Arrow across the majority of the Society’s fixed lines to increase call-routing efficiency in the most effective way for each individual site.  Behind the scenes, Arrow consultants managed the roll out, liaising with existing fixed-line suppliers and providing facilities/office managers across all sites with regular status reports and advice as the implementation progressed.

“Our Calls and Lines solution gave the Society the cost savings they anticipated in the long term, without the headaches often associated with significant change,” says Arrow Product Manager, Rebecca Sethi.

Tried and tested disaster recovery

The flexibility of Arrow’s customer services and experience in disaster recovery planning was put to the test when the main BT cable for the Society’s head office was cut disconnecting the main switchboard number. This occurred at 4pm and by 9am the next day all calls had been  re-routed to our call centre with all calls being answered as ‘The Children’s Society’. In total over 175 calls were taken across a 2 hour period until the fault was repaired, the average call wait time was 3 seconds and messages were relayed by email to the Society’s employees.