Study reveals increased business uptake of unified communications

Study reveals increased business uptake of unified communications

The uptake of unified communications within businesses is set to increase in the coming months and years as more and more companies become keen to take advantage of the benefits the technology can provide.

That is according to a new study by Sonus Networks, which found that a higher degree of understanding about the technology and its potential applications and business gains is leading more companies to investigate its possibilities.

Steve Taylor, editor-in-chief and publisher for Webtorials, said that unified communications has "taken hold" within enterprises and it is continuing to evolve.

"There are new trends gaining traction, such as the shift from room systems to desktop video, the growing focus on hybrid clouds and changes in the positions of the lead horses or vendors. Since there isn't a dominant vendor in the market, interoperability – both within the enterprise and for intercompany communications – will be a key factor."

Enterprises Place 2013 Unified Communications Bets: How Many Horses in This Race surveyed over 200 enterprise IT professionals and found that 78 per cent had either partially or fully developed unified communication solutions.

The majority of those who have not embraced the technology said they were planning to in the future.

When questioned about the reasons behind the move to UC, respondents said creating an "enterprise voice" was the main factor, followed by "unified messaging" and "mobile clients for smartphones and tablets".

"Desktop video conferencing" was ranked higher than "room size video conferencing" and "web conferencing", which rounded out the top five.

Customer premises-based solutions for SBC functions look set to continue to dominate, although a slight shift to hybrid with solutions by service providers is expected as the reach of these solutions becomes more all-encompassing.

Wes Durow, vice president of global marketing & go-to-market operations at Sonus, said: "As enterprise deployment of Unified Communications grows, SBCs play an increasing critical role in helping companies overcome interoperability, service quality and security challenges often faced when implementing multi-vendor Internet protocol (IP) networks."