SMBs urged to act fast in ordering leased lines

SMBs urged to act fast in ordering leased lines

Small businesses with ten or more employees looking to implement a leased line are being urged to act fast due to long lead times for installation.

Demand for leased lines has soared recently, with delivery requirements going beyond the capabilities of Openreach’s planners and installation teams responsible for implementing the infrastructure needed.

The situation is so drastic that waiting periods of 70 to 100 days are not unusual before a line can be installed.

It means that many businesses have been left with no connectivity, while others have had to delay projects such as moving into new premises. This can have substantial financial and reputational consequences for firms operating in the digital age.

What is a leased line and why is it so popular?

A leased line is a telecommunications line that operates between two or more locations in exchange for a monthly charge.

These lines can be used for a variety of purposes, such as telephone, data or internet services.

The popularity of leased lines essentially stems from the fact they can be used to effortlessly link two geographic locations, no matter how remote, which in turn makes it an essential tool for any organisation looking to expand its operations.

Unlike traditional broadband, leased lines are dedicated to your business, offer consistent bandwidth and symmetrical downstream and upstream speeds.

The demand for leased lines has been further heightened by reduced prices and the increased availability of fibre connections across the UK.

As a result, demand has outstripped the staff needed to deliver these projects, although Openreach insists it is committed to the recruitment of new planners and sub-concontractors.

What can businesses do?

Despite that promise, it is still in the best interests of any company looking to install a leased line to act quickly in order to reduce waiting times and delays.

Customers likely to be affected include businesses interested in making the move to SIP, buying an on-premise or hosted telephone system, as well as organisations looking to make the move IT operations to the cloud opening up hosted options for PCs and servers.

Save money

Even if firms overcome waiting periods, there can still be financial constraints to setting up a leased line system. Arrow can offer a helping hand as it is a registered supplier of the BDUK connection voucher scheme, which allows qualifying applicants the chance to receive as much as £3,000 off the costs of installation.