Small businesses increasingly turning to VoIP

Small businesses increasingly turning to VoIP

Small businesses are increasingly looking towards VoIP as a viable telephony solution, new research has suggested.

A recent report from Software Advice surveyed more than 350 firms with an annual revenue lower than £120 million between 2013 and 2014 in a bid to try and find the most common reasons for adopting a particular type of phone system.

It found that over half (57 per cent) of respondents claimed to be investing in a business VoIP service for the very first time.

Chief concerns to be cited by prospective buyers included issues relating to reliability and scalability, while a vast majority expressed an interest in adopting a hosted solution.

Some 31 per cent said they were looking to implement a traditional landline, while 13 per cent said their organisation's daily operations largely relied on mobile phones.

Other demands highlighted in the report included lower costs and an increased level of functionality, cited by 15 and 14 per cent respectively.

While the survey itself was primarily concerned with demand for VoIP technology, there was also a demand for cloud-based solutions, which is another key trend being adopted by a number of businesses.

None of the respondents said they were looking to adopt an on-premise solution, with 77 per cent claiming that the cloud was their preferred platform for such a service. A further 23 per cent said they did not have a preference.

While it cannot be denied that many firms are attracted to the benefits that come with the adoption of a cloud-based solution, some experts have claimed that this finding serves as evidence that small businesses are keen to streamline their operations.

By choosing a cloud-based platform, small businesses no longer have to dedicate members of staff to the maintenance of on-premise hardware, which in turn allows them to become more efficient.