Over half of businesses unsure of cloud VoIP​

Over half of businesses unsure of cloud VoIP​

While a majority of telephony systems being used within many UK business are premises-based, there continues to be a growing emphasis on cloud-based voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

While there are clearly a number of benefits that come with using a hosted platform, a number of businesses remain unconvinced.

According to Evolve IP's 2015 Business Communications and Collaboration Tools Survey, less than 20 per cent said their next phone system would be premise-based, while another 27 per cent said they will adopt a cloud VoIP system next.

That leaves around 53 per cent of firms undecided as to what action to take suggesting that many are still somewhat attached to their on-premise solutions.

In terms of unified communications, there seems to be a great deal of confusion, with around a third of survey respondents suggesting they were not at all familiar with the technology involved.

However, even among those that are familiar with unified communications, many still find obstacles in choosing the right system, with 73 per cent citing it as a difficulty.

That's not to say that many companies are stuck in the past when it comes to communications, with over 76 per cent stating they use a video communications product, such as Skype or Lync, in their organisations.

Bizarrely, a preference for face-to-face communications was one of the top reasons for not adopting video, despite video conferencing often offering many of the same benefits.