Openreach announces service improvements to Analogue lines

Openreach announces service improvements to Analogue lines

Analogue lines play a critical part in telecoms services for all UK businesses whether they are used as standalone phone numbers for small business, ADSL bearer services, alarm lines or fax machines. We're delighted to announce that Openreach is improving the services available on Analogue lines with effect from the 22nd September 2014.

As a result of these improved service levels Openreach has increased its costs to Arrow and therefore we have to pass this increase on to our customers. From the 22nd September 2014 all analogue lines will increase in cost by 50p per line per month.

The key improvements are:

·         Prioritised repair service – previously both business and consumer lines shared the same engineering priority but from September business customers will get priority on repairs. 

·         Targeted 80-85% on fault fix response times (end of next working day, Monday – Saturday) – versus a 67% target in 2014/15.

·         Optional Focused Appointments – choose either 10am – 12 noon and 2 – 4pm appointment slots thus reducing the risk of an engineer arriving on site and no-one available to let them in (additional charges will apply).

·         Optional Named Engineer – we can provide the name of the engineer 48 hours in advance of the appointment (additional charges will apply). Ideal for data centres or other 'secure sites'.

·         Business Continuity Services – Smart Divert will be available on a free of charge basis enabling remote diversion of calls to an alternative location. Ideal for when you can't get to work due to unforeseen circumstances like snow or flooding. You will need to request this service to be enabled on your line as it is not added automatically.

·         Arrow is now supported by a business focused UK call centre, thus improving our ability to resolve your issues speedily.

We understand that Openreach plans to deploy a similar enhanced service level to benefit customers with ISDN2 and ISDN30 services in the future.