O2 4G network set for late 2013 rollout

O2 4G network set for late 2013 rollout

Mobile broadband provider O2 is hopeful of having a 4G network up and running in the UK by the third quarter of 2013.

Ronan Dunne, the chief executive of the network provider, told TechRadar that O2 is still waiting for the government and telecoms regulator Ofcom to release the spectrum.

Mr Dunne said: "Our aspiration is to provide 4G as soon as we can, our challenge is that despite the fact some operators are accused of slowing the process down, the regulator and government have spectacularly failed to give us the spectrum."

He added that in other nations the spectrum for 4G has already been made available, but in the UK it will not be offered until the third quarter of next year.

The release of the 4G spectrum in the UK and the Ofcom auction have been hit with a host of delays and regulatory issues, which has put back the rollout of the service dramatically.