Mobile VoIP sector set for ‘worldwide growth’

Mobile VoIP sector set for ‘worldwide growth’

Mobile voice services, including VoIP, are expected to see a rapid growth in the next five years as mobile broadband networks are set to improve dramatically.

According to a study conducted by Infonetics Research subscribers to mobile broadband will grow from 15 per cent or all mobile users in 2011 to 40 per cent by 2016.

This increase will bring about a further growth in the use of VoIP services by business users working away from the traditional office environment, keeping them in touch with colleagues and their employers on a regular basis.

Businesses are expected to take advantage of mobile VoIP due to the wide-ranging costs savings and service continuity benefits.

Around the world as a whole, Infonetics Research is predicting a six per cent rise in mobile voice, mobile broadband and mobile messaging revenue in 2012.

Stephane Teral, Infonetics Research's principal analyst for mobile infrastructure and carrier economics, said: "The mobile world is undeniably shifting from voice to data, as mobile operators migrate as many subscribers as they can to data service plans and smartphones."

However, he noted that mobile messaging and voice services still have a role to play within business.