Make no mistake, headsets are not a luxury they’re essential

Make no mistake, headsets are not a luxury they're essential

The office environment has changed dramatically over the last few years, with workspaces up and down the country being moulded by relentless advancements in technology.

The tricky economic climate, as well as the ushering in of a new digital age, has led many organisations, no matter what their industry, to look at more efficient ways of working.

This has led the introduction of several high-profile trends, the most prominent being that of flexible working, leaving some to question whether the office is something of a relic that harks back to a bygone era.

However, not every industry is blessed with the opportunity of remote working, with those in the retail and customer services sector being a prime example of how the office environment still has a great degree of longevity.

Improving efficiency

We’ve all experienced it: “Just hang on a minute sir I just need to find your details” – followed by seemingly endless hours of smooth jazz music.

There was once a time when almost every customer query was met with long delays, awful music and, as a result, great frustration. However, the rise of 4G means people can access all of the information they want in a blink of an eye, no matter where they happen to be.

Customers are therefore more impatient than ever, and the long waits one may have associated with the past are simply not tolerated by customers in the fast-paced digital era.

Long waits can, therefore, be problematic for any organisation, resulting in lost business, eroded customer relationships and reputational damage.

Even when a customer does manage to finally make it through to starting or progressing a conversation, time is still of the essence.

Headsets offer a solution

Headsets may not appear to be a particularly modern solution, indeed they have been around for years, but they do undeniably fit in with the demands of a modern business.

Research suggests it takes an average of 70 seconds for a business to respond to a customer query without the use of a headset.

When you apply that to a situation where there is a particularly high density of employees, such as a warehouse, that number can soon add up.

It is, therefore, obvious that there are substantial savings to be had, both in terms of time and in terms of money. Efficiency is everything and should be bred throughout an organisation’s, managers can communicate with workers on the floor in real time, while also keeping in touch with other responsibilities associated with customer service.

In a recent case study, Arrow installed a wireless headset system in the 189 branches of popular retailer Wickes. The most common systems consisted of base systems that provided coverage, as well as headsets with two-way communications for all headset sets.

The benefits of using such technology have not gone unnoticed.

Craig Ducker, project manager, central operations, Wickes, said: “The headset project has been a huge success, delivering major productivity benefits to stores through improved communication and a reduction in wasted time and energy, allowing colleagues more time to focus on providing better service to our customers.”

It therefore does not matter if you are running a call centre, a warehouse or large retail outlet, headsets can a substantial benefit to efficiency, customer service and, subsequently, a firm’s bottom line. Contact us to find out how a wireless headset solution can benefit your company.