How VoIP can help your business to make a good impression

How VoIP can help your business to make a good impression

Making a good first impression is vital for many firms, and even more so when you are part of a small or medium-sized business (SMB) trying to compete with bigger, more well-known rivals.

It is also no secret that most initial encounters within the business world occur on the telephone, so ensuring that conversations are handled professionally and efficiently is of the utmost importance, not only when dealing with clients, but also with customers.

Many are likely to become annoyed if subjected to unanswered voicemails and complicated phone trees.

The use of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) can eliminate such problems, and help your company make a good impression that is sure to last.

One of the main ways that VoIP can help is to manage calls in a manner that can be deemed to be professional, and can even make a small company appear bigger than they actually are.

APA Financials owner Stefan Horbonis told Software Advice analyst Ashley Verril that not seeming like a small and unprofessional company was a large part of ensuring success.

He said: "For us, it’s not just about looking big—it’s also about looking professional, because very sophisticated business people and investors are calling into our phone system. We can’t afford to look small and unsophisticated."

Some VoIP applications can also help callers reach the right extension quickly and easily when they call, by way of an automated virtual secretary. This makes the process seem much smoother and easier, and reduce the likelihood of causing annoyance.

Availability is also greatly increased, as many VoIP applications feature the ability to route calls to other phones or mobile devices.

This means that small firms can now create dedicated 24 hour lines that would have otherwise not have been possible.

Efficiency is also a big positive with a VoIP system, as messages no longer need to fall through the cracks, thanks to many featuring voicemail to email capabilities.

Voicemails are therefore made much harder to miss, and messages can be accessed easily through any device with an internet connection, which is perfect for companies where manpower is at a premium.