How video conferencing is extending beyond the boardroom

How video conferencing is extending beyond the boardroom

Video conferencing has had a tremendous impact on the way in which many firms approach their business. Not only does it improve real-time functionality, but it also makes it easier to establish a strong connection with colleagues or clients wherever they happen to be.

The traditional use of such technology would have been previously confined to the realms of the boardroom, with members of staff often lacking the equipment, software and connectivity to hold video conferences anywhere else.

However, it appears that things are now changing due to the rise of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

It means that workers no longer need to be at their desks or in the boardroom in order to communicate effectively with their colleagues.

These developments mean that a company's workforce can now be more flexible than ever before, enhancing productivity and morale.

This approach to working has proved to be popular with a number of businesses around the world, particularly those in emerging economies.

Dr Reddy's, a drug company based in Hyderabad, India, has already explained the importance of video conferencing in the way it does business.

The firm deployed two video collaboration solutions; one at its home offices and one in Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA.

Both locations were fitted with document cameras, which enabled the display of drug samples for real-time inspections with FDA officials.

It was also able to conduct  product reviews with co-workers, and sample showcases for buyers.

Atanu Roy, chief technical officer, Dr Reddy’s, said: “Our company’s global demand for instant communication across distances, particularly between R&D teams to make decisions quickly, meant that we required more effective and efficient ways to collaborate. With Polycom video, we are getting the most comprehensive unified communication infrastructure that meets our need to deliver wide-scale communications across the company, enabling our research and technical teams to meet across any distance and collaborate securely and instantly for vital consultation and decision-making.”