How video conferencing could soon kill off the daily commute

How video conferencing could soon kill off the daily commute

The commute is a reality that many workers face as part of their daily routine and can often be a cause of much frustration.

However, the days of cramming yourself onto a heaving train every morning could now be a thing of the past, thanks to advances in technology.

Video conferencing is already looking as though it could be on the verge of a breakthrough in terms of its popularity  among enterprises, as it offers a greater level of flexibility to workers and allows them to communicate on a much more personal level than traditional telephony systems.

Other features include the ability to connect and communicate with multiple users simultaneously, while also being able to easily share their screen to display spreadsheets and documents.

Virtual meetings can also be recorded, shared and played back on demand.

If your workplace already offers the chance to work from home, then video conferencing will allow you to keep your physical visits to the office down to a minimum.

Meetings are often one of the main reasons that home workers come into the office, yet with the use of video conferencing, it is possible to keep up the same level of productivity, without ever having to set foot inside another board room ever again.

The use of such technology can help to increase the productivity of workers, many of whom are found to be happier when given a greater level of flexibility.  

Employers themselves also stand to benefit as video conferencing can help to lower the costs of running an office.

If it becomes possible for employees to work effectively from home, then there is less of a need for large amounts of office space.

If office space is lowered then running costs and maintenance are also reduced, meaning that employers can potentially stand to save money.