How to make the most of video conferencing

How to make the most of video conferencing

The advantages of video conferencing are becoming increasingly clear for many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), with many firms seeing it as an attractive method of saving money, while enhancing the possibilities for flexible working, which can offer a significant boost to productivity.

However, it is impossible to reap the benefits of such technology if it is not implemented in the correct manner.

One of the most common mistakes of video conferencing made by users is that they do not adequately prepare the room in which they plan to use.

For instance sunlight can often cause problems for the user on the other end, as it makes it more difficult to make out features, as it causes inconsistencies with the picture, so it is best to ensure that you're conference room is not too exposed to direct sunlight. 

Once you have set up your room effectively, it is important that you camera and microphone are in the best positions possible.

If you happen to be using a single-screen display then simply attach your camera at the top and in the centre of the monitor

When it comes to speech, you should try to avoid table microphones as these can pick up pieces of background noise such as paper shuffling, heavy breathing or even the noise of a pen scribbling.

Ceiling microphones are therefore the best option for use in a large conference room. Ideally you should have one microphone for every two people.

If this is not possible however, you should ensure that they are evenly distributed in a way that allows the voice of each person to be at an equal volume.

One of the challenges being faced by many SMBs is the fact that many conference rooms are not too suited to the use of video conferencing, as they often contain long and narrow tables.

It is therefore a good idea to use a more rounded table, as this won't lead to participants having to stretch in order to view the display.