How hosted telephony can help improve customer service

How hosted telephony can help improve customer service

Communication is a key part of making any business successful, whether it be with clients, colleagues, potential associates, or customers.

Ensuring a good connection with the latter can be particularly important for many firms as it helps to build trust and loyalty in a brand; two qualities that can, in many cases, make up for other shortcomings.

In the digital age of same-day deliveries, up-to-the-minute information and 'easy-to-use' online services, there really is no excuse for poor customer service as the advances of technology have arguably made customers far more demanding than they may have been only a few years earlier.

Staying on top of customer service has therefore never been harder, meaning that companies have to adopt a more intelligent approach.

The starting point always has to be attempting to understand what customers are expecting in terms of the service offered to them.

According communications company and network operator, Gamma, customers "love a consistent, positive service experience".

On the other side, voicemail is a huge turn off, with 75 per cent of callers choosing to ignore such services, while 85 per cent won't even bother calling back.       

Hosted telephony provides a great solution

An in-depth knowledge of what customers are looking for in terms of service is really only the beginning.

Identifying the problem is nothing without taking action and hosted telephony can provide a solution, containing many of the integral features that come with good customer service systems.

For instance, many hosted solutions contain an interactive voice response (IVR) feature, which when tailored to certain specifications allows customers to route their own phones calls to ensure they always get to the right departments.

The dreaded voicemail is also not necessary, as if the right contact is not available, companies are able to set up automated messages that offer alternative means of contact.

This has an advantage over voicemail as offers a solution to customers looking for services that are otherwise unable to access. It shows they are valued and that their concerns matter, which comes in sharp contrast to the anonymity felt when leaving a simple voicemail.

Never miss a call again

It is not always possible for employees to stay at their desk, but a hosted telephony system means workers now never need to miss a call again.

Many platforms offer superior call diversion systems, meaning that if one extension is not available, it can easily be re-routed to another line or, if on the go, an employee's smartphone.

This feature is sure to be popular for many companies, which are now placing an increased emphasis on flexible working practices that cater to employees both inside and outside the office.

Arrow sells Horizon, a hosted telephony communications service for business that can be quickly configured according to your organisation’s changing requirements and it helps employees to maximise their productivity with quick and effective call handling. The cloud-based system is managed via an easy to use web portal so there is minimal capital outlay and as it is licenced on a per user basis.