Government should shift broadband focus to rural areas

Government should shift broadband focus to rural areas

The government may consider altering its focus away from the speed of broadband to ensuring people have access to a good connection.

It was recently criticised by a House of Lords report for focusing on increasing speeds rather than giving rural areas a connection to high-speed internet.

Now, Mark Jackson, editor-in-chief at, has said it is important for the government to tackle the most rural areas before those who already benefit from fast broadband connections.

"The flexibility of BDUK's (broadband delivery UK) framework could also be improved to allow smaller internet service providers more access to help out in isolated communities, as opposed to selecting one big supplier – BT – to do everything," he added.

"It is hardly a competitive tender process if BT is the only viable bidder and winner."

His comments come after Jeremy Hunt reiterated his commitment to ensuring the UK has the fastest broadband connection in Europe by 2015.