FTTC deployment pushes UK up global broadband charts

FTTC deployment pushes UK up global broadband charts

The continued rollout of Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) technology is boosting the broadband network in the UK.

Increased speeds are available thanks to fibre cabling running from an exchange to a roadside cabinet and then connecting with existing broadband lines.

David Belson, director of market intelligence at Akamai Technologies, said that the wider deployment of the technology is moving the UK further up the global broadband charts.

However, he noted that the services marketed towards businesses and subscribers must be reasonably priced, otherwise the rollout of FTTC will count for nothing.

"Of course, it also depends on the metrics that are being ranked – are you looking at actual real-world connection speeds – like Akamai measures – or are you looking at service availability, where countries are ranked based on the tiers of service made available by regional providers" he added.

Last month's State of the Internet report indicated that Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong have a significant advantage over the UK when it comes to broadband infrastructure.