Fresh complaints spark further 4G iPad investigations

Fresh complaints spark further 4G iPad investigations

A host of new complaints about the lack of 4G connectivity in the new version of the iPad, despite adverts to the contrary, has led the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to reopen its investigation into Apple.

According to the BBC, the ASA is unhappy that adverts still exist for the new Apple iPad claiming that it is 4G ready.

Shortly after the release of the new mobile device, the Cupertino giant altered the wording of the claims, but it seems some people are still buying the device believing it to be 4G compatible.

While the iPad supports 4G in the US and Canada, when 4G networks become available in the UK, the iPad won't work on them due to supporting different frequencies.

The firm's website still offers a 'Wi-Fi + 4G' version of the iPad, and the regulator has received fresh complaints, which has prompted it to start a fresh investigation.

Apple is also currently in a dispute in Australia over the same issue, with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission accusing the company of misleading customers.