Five reasons why hosted telephony makes sense for businesses

Five reasons why hosted telephony makes sense for businesses

Hosted telephony solutions have a great deal to offer businesses as they are straightforward to implement with only a small amount of hardware required.

It is one of the fastest growing technologies being used within the world of business due to the improved productivity and efficiency it offers. There are a host of benefits associated with hosted VoIP communications and it could be a great addition to your business.

One of the main benefits of the technology, which was highlighted in a recent blog post for Cloudtweaks, is the scalability it offers. As a business builds the technology it can grow with it, without any problematic and disruptive work needing to be carried out. With a hosted telephony system, it is possible to easily increase or even decrease your telephony services, usually with limited financial penalties.

This is particularly beneficial if a business opens new premises as services can be up and running in no time. The Inclarity solution provided by Arrow can expand or contract to accommodate specific projects, marketing campaigns or seasonal fluctuations, with new features and sites easily added on a flexible contract basis.

Continuity is another major benefit of hosted VoIP services, as the nature of the technology means if something goes wrong at one office, say it is flooded, calls can be transferred to one that is fully functioning. As the PBX is hosted in a secure data centre away from your premises it will still be fully operational and enable your company to continue operating, without consumer and customers being aware of the difficulties.

You can set up dial plans in advance or quickly transfer any incoming calls to employees' mobile phones or unaffected offices. This improves customer service and can give businesses the time they need to get back on their feet without any service disruption.

When it comes to costs, hosted PBX solutions are also very manageable and can help save companies a significant amount of money. Free calls between sites, lower call and line rental costs and no expensive maintenance contracts, mean a hosted VoIP solution can save a business money and make the telephone costs predictable every month, which can make a significant difference when it comes to budgeting, finances and adapting to changing business requirements.

The fourth major benefit of joining the hosted telephony revolution is that it allows you to conduct business wherever and whenever, which can also boost productivity in the long run. The technology makes it much easier for employees to talk to colleagues and customers from a number of locations.

Having the ability to reduce downtime for staff is a great way to boost collaboration, productivity and ultimately the bottom line for an organisation.

The Inclarity solution also the ability to record calls, which is good for training purposes, as well as keeping a record of what was said in a client call. It is PCI and FSA compliant and allows a business to access and search on any set of call attributes.

A final benefit to highlight is the reduced time and effort spent on maintenance and adding new lines. Unlike traditional telephony systems, hosted PBX systems can be administered through a secure web-based interface, which will give the IT department a break and once again boost the operation of the business.