Europe crams 4G into tight spectrum gap

Europe crams 4G into tight spectrum gap

European telecoms regulator CEPT has unveiled 120MHz of new super-fast 4G broadband spectrum.

However, many experts have criticised the fact that the network has been crammed into a space that is already filled will reasonably fast 3G data.

The frequencies concerned are around 2.1GHz and are already full of 3G networking everywhere, but a handful of operators are considering deploying faster 4G in those bands with the full backing of Europe.

According to Register, the move in Europe is also significant for the UK as Everything Everywhere is currently attempting to deploy 4G (LTE) in 1800MHz.

This frequency is far below the new gap opened up by CEPT at 2.1GHz, but the firm claims that permission to deploy 4G in 1800MHz will avoid a legal monopoly as other operators now have another slot available.

However, rivals disagree; they believe a monopoly will be created as they would not be able to offer 4G to customers without dropping existing 3G or 2G users.