Common mistakes to avoid when video conferencing

Common mistakes to avoid when video conferencing

The increasing adoption of video conferencing should not come as a surprise to anyone. The flexibility that comes with enabling remote working gives a shot in the arm to a company's productivity and efficiency.

However, that's not to say companies can simply set up a system and automatically make the most of it. The right approach to the technology needs to be implemented in order for the maximum benefits to be enjoyed.

Always choose somewhere quiet

This is perhaps one of the most common bad habits displayed by video conferencing users and it can be costly.

Always ensure the area you are choosing to hold video calls is free from background noise. Then there are a large number of participants, this can be tricky, so it is always a good idea to mute your microphone if you are not speaking.

Look professional

The whole point of video conferencing is that it allows companies to make a good visual impression so it is always a good idea to ensure your appearance remains professional.

Many employees use video conferencing to communicate from the comfort of their own home, but client or colleague is nevertheless unlikely to have any sympathy if you happen to dial in looking like you've just rolled out of bed.  

By the same token, it is also going to reflect badly on you if your surroundings are untidy grubby, it is going to give off a poor impression, so always ensure you choose a suitable location.

Pay close attention

As previously mentioned, the main advantage with video conferencing is that it brings a level of face-to-face interaction to corporate communications that may otherwise not have been possible.

That means users must always treat a video call accordingly. If you were having a physical meeting with a client, colleague or even a customer and they were clearly doing something else and not showing much interest in what you had to say, you would rightly feel a little offended.

It is therefore essential to give your utmost attention to the person with whom you are talking and watch any facial expressions you make too as these can be quickly picked up on.