Cisco predicts 392 exabytes of mobile data by 2019

Cisco predicts 392 exabytes of mobile data by 2019

The amount of mobile data being transmitted across the world could reach as much as 392 exabytes, according to Cisco.

The company claims global mobile data traffic will see a near ten-fold increase over the course of the next five years, with around 30 exabytes recorded in 2014 alone.  

The rise of mobile data has been nothing short of remarkable, with more information being sent and shared than ever before.

While the rising speeds of fixed services have proved to be a huge contributory factor to the new digital age, mobile broadband – in particular 4G – has really been the catalyst in opening up a wealth of new opportunities for consumers and businesses alike.

The speeds being reached by mobile devices are already leaving some experts ready to ponder the possibility of implementing 5G systems, especially given the amount of traffic that could soon come as a result.

According to Cisco's latest annual update of its Visual Networking Index, smartphones and other mobile devices will inevitably become more powerful, while not only will the level of traffic increase, it will also become "smarter", meaning it carries more computing and multimedia capabilities .

Last year 88 per cent of global mobile data was "smart", but that figure is expected to rise to 97 per cent by 2019, when 26 per cent of all global devices and connections will be 4G ready.

Doug Webster, vice president of Service Provider Products and Solutions Marketing at Cisco, said: “The on-going adoption of more powerful mobile devices and wider deployments of emerging M2M applications, combined with broader access to faster wireless networks, will be key contributors to significant mobile traffic growth in the coming years.

"This mobile-centric environment will give service providers a new landscape of challenges and opportunities to innovatively deliver a variety of mobile services and experiences to consumers and business users.”