Businesses ‘must take VoIP seriously’

Businesses ‘must take VoIP seriously’

Businesses in the UK must take voice over internet protocol (VoIP) seriously if they wish to stay competitive with other firms around the world.

The technology is growing rapidly as more and more organisations allow employees to work away from home, whether it be from their property or on the move.

Graeme Gherbaz, writing for Dynamic Business, explained that businesses should view the implementation of VoIP technology as an investment.

He noted that the technology can be used for effective and reliable communication between workers and departments on the move as well as providing the tools to expand and grow a business.

"A business which communicates well has a better chance of finding new prospects, converting them to sales or profits and expanding market share," the expert added.

The improvements being made to the broadband network in the UK, with the rollout of FTTC technology, is making VoIP even more appealing to UK businesses, according to Trefor Davies, council member at the Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA).