Broadband balance needs to be reached

Broadband balance needs to be reached

The fixed and mobile broadband industry is moving at a significant pace, with firms striving to provide greater coverage to the UK population and increase speeds.

A report from the House of Lords recently criticised the government's focus on increasing speeds, while rural communities have no access to fast connections.

However, Steve Nimmons, technology industry consultant, has said that a balance needs to be reached when it comes to boosting coverage and increasing speeds.

He noted that it is a fine balancing act between the "social inclusion argument" and a more "hard-nosed commercial view".

"Obviously the service providers and the network providers are going to look for the maximisation of uptake as it is expensive to install – you've got to consider return on interments and focus on shareholder value and profit," he explained.

Rural areas in Wales, Cornwall and Cumbria that do not have a super-fast broadband connection may soon have access to Everything Everywhere's 4G network, dramatically increasing speeds and coverage in the area.