Birkett Long Case Study


Birkett Long is the leading firm of solicitors in Essex and employs 180 staff, spread over three offices in Colchester, Chelmsford and Basildon.

The Challenge

Telephone operators, based in Chelmsford, take calls for the whole group and then transfer these calls to each of the three offices. The operators sometimes need to check the status of the staff before they put the call through to the individual staff members.  Birkett Long had a very old digital system, which was at the end of its life and a more modern solution was required, which would help ensure business continuity and reduce costs.  They wanted to move part of their incoming ISDN to SIP to reduce costs and provide better resiliency. Some staff also needed to hot desk between sites.

Proposed Solution and Benefits

After a number of meetings and consultations with Arrow, it was jointly decided to provide a Mitel 3300 IP telephony solution.  This platform provided a solution which enabled all of the users to be connected within the same system and for the operators to view the status of individuals via Microsoft Outlook integration with Mitel.  Some of the users who wanted to hot desk between sites could also do this seamlessly and new users could be added to the system very quickly and easily.  All the sites needed to have the calls logged centrally for billing purposes and a virtualised voicemail solution was also provided.

The business continuity requirement was fulfilled, in that, if Chelmsford or Colchester had a failure of equipment, the other site would immediately take over.  Arrow provided SIP telephone lines in addition to the existing ISDN telephone lines, which not only reduced the cost for Birkett Long, but also enabled the company to be connected to the outside world if there was a network failure on either SIP or ISDN.  The ISDN2 lines at Basildon were replaced with SIP telephone lines and the numbers were routed through the Colchester office. The call charges were also reduced as part of the exercise. This provided Birkett Long with a modern, future proofed solution with reduced operating costs.