Apple to remove 4G branding

Apple to remove 4G branding

Apple has finally announced plans to end its 4G branding, which saw a host of complaints from customers who believed they were misled by the Cupertino tech giant.

The firm will drop the mention of 4G from its new iPad marketing, replacing it with cellular.

Apple spent a lot of time talking up the 4G connectivity of the new device in its launch, but quickly came under fire after users in the UK and Australia were unable to receive the benefits of faster networks.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK recently restarted its investigation into Apple after complaints from dozens of consumers.

Over the weekend, Apple began to remove 4G from its English-language websites, but would not reveal if the decision was brought about by the fresh investigation.

"Carriers do not all refer to their high-speed networks with the same terminology, therefore we have decided to use 'WiFi and cellular' as a simple term which describes all the high-speed networks supported by the new iPad," the firm explained.

The ASA said: "We have been working closely with Apple to address consumer concerns about its 4G claims for the new iPad."