4G could bring VoIP to rural businesses

4G could bring VoIP to rural businesses

Voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) systems have been transforming the business environment in recent years, but rural firms have been left out of the new technology due to poor broadband connections.

However, the expected launch of 4G networks in the coming months and years could see remote businesses joining the VoIP revolution.

The spectrum has been on the horizon for a number of years, but it appears Ofcom is almost ready to launch the auction for the technology in the UK.

Trefor Davis, a communications expert and council member for the Internet Service Providers' Association UK, said that the technology will enable rural firms to use VoIP and video conferencing.

"4G is potentially as fast as superfast broadband and obviously being a wireless service, it does not necessarily have all the same problems that running cables have. A lot of the reasons why these remote areas cannot get broadband is because of the cost of running the cables," Mr Davies explained.

The threat of legal action over the introduction of 4G is still looming in the UK, with the possible litigation expected to further delay the launch of the technology.