Why workers are important to any BYOD strategy

Why workers are important to any BYOD strategy

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trends have become hugely popular with many businesses, with more firms beginning to recognise the benefits such an approach can have both in terms of morale and productivity.

When considering how to make BYOD a success, many of the subsequent questions revolve around the activities of the company itself and the behaviour of employers.

This is especially true when thinking about the concept of security, which has become something of a hot topic in regards to BYOD. An American survey conducted by Absolute Software Corporation back in March found that just over a quarter (25.2 per cent) of employees working within a BYOD infrastructure felt that securing data is not their responsibility.

Yet the fact remains that if employees do not conduct themselves in the correct manner, the effectiveness of using your own device in the workplace can be diminished. Companies can warn their employees about the dangers of not using their own device properly, but ultimately workers themselves need to take responsibility.

The first way in which workers can stay safe is to stick to the list of approved devices implemented by their employer. Any list of approved devices is usually compiled by firms for a very good reason, whether it be the result of internal testing or through professional opinion. It is therefore hugely important that workers stick to any list of approved devices.

Another way to avoid any potential problems is to avoid using your device for any personal tasks during the working day. If your boss sees you playing games on your laptop or tablet, it will not only give the impression that you are using it to mess around, but could also increase the likelihood of downloading something malicious.

This concern makes it imperative that users follow any company procedures in place. Company sanctions and protocols are also implemented with security in mind so it is always important that workers are sure to follow such guidelines.