Why software networking is set to get businesses back on track

Why software networking is set to get businesses back on track

The way in which many organisations operate has changed dramatically over the course of recent years, with changes mainly driven by various shifts in technology and customer expectations.

One constant within almost every business partaking in the digital age is the fact that communication has never been faster, leading to a greater fluidity in collaborations.

Wearable technology has become the latest potential trend to take hold of many organisations, ushering in both excitement and caution from IT departments.

However, many firms could find themselves held back simply by having the wrong infrastructure.

Whereas the data centre was once the focal point of a company’s IT system, many are now switching their attention to networks and recognising it as a driving force.

Indeed, many firms view software-defined networking as one of the of the most important ways of ensuring effective network traffic management due to its perceived simplicity and ability to facilitate the rapid implementation of applications.

As well as more network-based solutions, there has also been a marked rise in the number of mobile devices finding their way into the IT systems of organisations.

That has led to trends such as bring your own device (BYOD) becoming commonplace for many organisations, whatever their industry.

Yet the increased use of employee-owned devices has come at a time of heightened concerns surrounding security.

SDN has subsequently become an important part in ensuring sensitive information remains secure, handing power back to IT professionals by ensuring applications are first capable of running on their system, while also controlling who, when, where, and how the network is accessed, making it easier to safeguard sensitive data.

Flexibility is also key, with SDN making the days of cumbersome and unstable networks a thing of the past.

Making necessary changes or updates to traditional networks was often a process that could take hours or even days, but with SDN it is possible to make changes in a fraction of the time.