VoIP and the cloud are revolutionising the office

VoIP and the cloud are revolutionising the office

There has been a shift in recent years in terms of how telecommunication is implemented throughout the office environment.

The attitude to telephony has gone from it being a rather disjointed and disconnected approach towards work, to being a vital part of how many offices carry out daily business, where both individuals and groups are collaborating from various remote locations.

According to an article for Sys-con Media by whichvoip.com founder, Calum MacKinnon, one of the main reasons for this change is due to the rising popularity of voice over internet protocol (VoIP), which has allowed conversations to be conducted on a computer from any location within the office or at home.

Many of these conversations would have previously been held on standard telephone lines, but can now be carried out on a computer or mobile device from almost anywhere, while offering the same high standard of telecommunication.

VoIP has also managed to offer extra features that were previously impossible, such as data transfers and video conferencing.

It has also played a significant role in how the modern business model has evolved over the course of recent times, helping companies place a greater emphasis on creating a "lean" infrastructure, that cuts back on costs without harming efficiency or productivity.

Both VoIP and cloud technology have enabled firms to achieve this task by removing costly physical systems, and making them increasingly more virtual.

Streamlining has also meant that the latest technological trends are now becoming increasingly available for small or medium businesses, which would previously have found an advanced on-site telephone system prohibitively expensive.

But cloud-based telecom facilities, many of which offer service packages offering the sort of high-end features that were previously only available to richer, larger companies, do not require the funds needed for the operating and maintenance associated with a physical PBX system.

Mr MacKinnon claims that it is therefore no surprise that there has been a new wave of small businesses showing signs of innovation in the way they approach such strategies.

Cloud technology, combined with VoIP, means that many startups can launch themselves on a purely virtual basis with no physical office at all. In short, expensive office space is being replaced by affordable technology.