Video conferencing set to take off this year

Video conferencing set to take off this year

Shipments of video conferencing devices are set to spike between 2012 and 2014, according to a recent Canalys UC Market report.

It claims that the potential rise is due to the fact that businesses both large and small are beginning to identify the benefits of using the technology as an effective and efficient method of communication.

The report states that the drive in interest has come on the back of successful services such as Skype and Apple's Facetime, which both allow for face-to-face communication across the world, in a manner that is cost-effective and financially efficient.

Commenting on the report, IT Pro Portal's editor Desire Athow, said that the enabling of these new technologies has made the rise all the more possible, as video conferencing solutions were previously prohibitively expensive.

Developments in areas such as interoperability and bandwidth, have also led to video of higher quality and resilience.

Another factor behind the rising trend is thought to be the growing use of bring your own device (BYOD) schemes.

A rise in the use of smartphones and tablet devices with front facing cameras among employees has encouraged the use of video communication on the move in a manner that is both simple and productive.

The trend has led to many workers expressing a preference for video communications in both a professional and personal capacity.

More traditional methods of communication such as phone calls and email are subsequently beginning to fall out favour, as video and unified communications has allowed everything to be merged into one collaborative session, even while on the move

Collaboration is therefore becoming all the more important to the new technology, although interoperability is also being credited as holding it all together, leading to a more open industry where there is no longer a need to commit to just one vendor.

Mr Athow concluded that these recent trends mean that there has never been a better time for businesses to invest in video collaborations solutions.