UK firms lagging behind US on cyber security

UK firms lagging behind US on cyber security

The issue of cyber security has become something of a hot topic in recent months, with a string of high-profile incidents catching the attention of both customers and businesses themselves.

One of the biggest examples of the threat posed to data security was a breach at Target, one of the most prominent retail chains in the US, which saw the sensitive data of thousands of customers compromised.

Many enterprises have taken an interest in such developments, especially due to the fact that the rising use of practices such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and cloud computing, which can both pose a danger to data security if not done alongside an effective mobile device management (MDM) strategy.

Despite the risks of a lax attitude towards security being clear, new research suggests that many businesses in the UK are actually lagging behind their transatlantic counterparts.

This is the main finding of a recent survey from Vanson Bourne on behalf of BT, which surveyed 500 IT leaders from the UK, France, Germany, the US, Brazil, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Among respondents in the UK, only 17 per cent said that cyber security was among their top priorities, dramatically behind the 41 per cent recorded for firms in the US.

Globally, around 58 per cent of IT bosses claim their company underestimates the impact of cyber security, with the proportion being higher in the US (74 per cent) and lower in the UK (55 per cent).

Not only that but many IT leaders in the UK are also worse at measuring the return on investment (ROI) for cyber securiy initiatives, with only 21 per cent claiming to have confidence in this field, compared to 90 per cent in the US.

What's more, IT security training is only provided to 37 per cent of executives in the UK, a number that was recorded at 86 per cent in the US.